Love vintage film – and show it!

filmart-homepage-leftReel-to-Reel Celluloid

Film supplies on hire or sale, accessories like lamps and reels, mech-elec servicing — all in 16mm or Super8 or even Standard 8mm.filmart-homepage-right

Show vintage comedies and cartoons and interest films, feature films back to 1921 — in authentic reel-to-reel celluloid with the whirr and beam of the projector creating nostalgic atmosphere!
We have our own film library, are registered with National Film Archive and have contacts with many other sources.

Show for a larger audience? Our colleague Road Movie Mobile Cinema has the gear to show DVD or film up to audience size 800 people. And the know-how about licensing to meet copyrights, music fees etc. Plus contacts for sourcing programs to suit your needs.

Films for Sale

16mm features and shorts, ask for current listing.

Super8 current offering:

  • BOUND FOR THE ALICE rail construction
  • GENEVIEVE condensation of motor vintage classic
  • THINGS TO COME futurism 1936
  • DEAD OF NIGHT ventriloquist terror
  • RAILROADIN’ Our Gang
  • SPORT OF KINGS English race tracks
  • lots of vintage comedies and cartoons.


List of DVD Australiana — posted or emailed to you on request.

Equipment for Hire or Sale

  • Projection lens Rollei slide, zoom to 120mm: $110 posted200013932-001
  • Projection lens B&H movie 2inch: $30 posted
  • Lamps 115v 500w suit Bolex M8, each $48 posted
  • many other projector lamps and contacts worldwide in the special field of vintage lamps
  • Superb Hokushin X350 xenon projector 16mm plus two large matching speakers.

A recent DVD review comment about that classic STAGECOACH (1939) —
Having seen this many times over the years, I never tire of its rhythms and the shot-calling of the intuitive master, John Ford. Carradine and Platt are the standouts for me, also Tim Holt and Tom Tyler in smaller parts with key moments. But since when was 1.37 ratio called “Wide Screen”!

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